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Born in Sweden..

Multipak that is among the top three companies in its sector in Europe was founded as
ACK PACK by Halit Yavuz, Mehmet Yavuz and Mustafa Güluş in 1996 in
the city of Goteborg in Sweden for manufacturing as well as carrying
out the import/export operations of pizza boxes.
Our founders who wish become sector leaders in Turkey by making use of their know-how, experience and financial accumulation gained in Sweden
which was selected as the pilot region in Europe for innovative applications in the field of food packaging,
decided to make investment in Izmir which is a modern port city.

Our company which preferred the Torbalı district which is one of the production and export bases of Izmir started its activities
in 2007 in Turkey as the new brand of Multipak which reflects its goals for producing different types of packaging material.

We stood out because of our difference..

The attention given by our company to the production of paper plates, glasses, cake capsules and cooking cups along with
the quality that comes with this attention, its decisiveness for manufacturing products that do not harm human
health and the environment, the fact that it always keeps its promise enabled the Multipak brand to
become a source of inspiration for the sector in a very short amount of time.

We grew in Turkey..

Our company decided to carry its production facility in Sweden to Izmir as a result of the huge success
it gained at the end of its first year in Turkey thus increasing its production capacity
with its new facility built on 1650 square meter closed area on a 12 thousand
square meter of land purchased in Torbalı, Izmir.
Multipak that became known with its quality and that started to grow rapidly decided to increase its production capacity
once again as a result of the increasing demands from giant brands of the sector thus building two new factory buildings
in 2010 and 2012 and the new mold, glass, cake capsule machines in installed in 2013, 2014 and 2015 along with
5 colored flexo machine and cellophane machine investments thus becoming a manufacturer for the world’s
most prestigious brands from ICA, the giant chain of grocery stores in Sweden
with 1400 branches to Ülker, the global brand of Turkey.

We are moving to the top..

Multipak is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and is moving towards the top in full
determination with its production facilities established on 8000 M2 closed area
on its own land of 16 thousand M2, its warehouse of 5000 M2 closed area
with special climatization, its 500 M2 administrative building, its 400 M2
showroom and a total of 75 expert staff 15 of whom are located in Sweden.

We are friends with nature..

Multipak means producing environmentally friendly products and being friends with nature.

Purchasing the raw material required for the sector from those that do not cut down trees but
that plant trees for their own purposes of meeting customer demands,

Contributing to the protection of human health, water sources and nature by producing hundred percent
biodegradable and recyclable products with raw materials of cellulose, semi-cellulose and lignin..

Will remain as the essential principles of Multipak for as long as it exists.

We are modern in production..

Modern production is the most important difference of our company that has determined its sole purpose of existence
as producing products that are friendly with human health and the environment.
Following and using the most advanced technologies for producing environmentally friendly products..
Working with specially trained expert personnel..
Using raw materials documented for their accordance with health standards..
Meeting the demands of our world famous customers with perfect materials, perfect machines,
perfect hygienic production environments and expert staff..

These features that have been present since our foundation are strong proofs of our modern production claims.

We are perfect in quality..

Multipak is the union of environmentally friendly raw materials, perfect machines, immaculate hygiene in addition to
full social righths and modern working conditions resulting in happy and qualified staff.

We are perfect at our very core and this has been proven many times with our quality certificates listed below.

Our Extraordinary Products..

Multipak is at the peak of quality in manufacturing paper plate, glass, cake capsules and cooking cups.

Multipak products are deemed “extraordinary” because they are products manufactured using paper acquired from industrial trees
specially cultivated without cutting down
a single tree in their natural environment, creative designs and secure packaging.

Our working principle..

Multipak is different not only with its products but also with its working principle.

Multipak has been preferred by many companies from world renowned brands to small scale businesses both locally and
internationally by developing solutions that make the dreams of the customers come true.

Perfection at every stage from design to delivery is a brief summary of the working principle of our company.

Contact Details..

Multipak Ambalaj ve
Gıda Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti.

29 Ekim Mahallesi, Batı Beton Caddesi,

No : 10, 35875 Yazıbaşı - Torbalı, İzmir / Türkiye

Multipak Scandinavia AB

415 02 Gothenburg / Sweden

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